Warwickshire Golf Captains


Rules and Constitution from the Annual General Meeting 1992 with minor changes at the AGM in 2003, 2005 & 2012


The name of the Society shall be "Warwickshire Golf Captains".


Membership is restricted to Captains and Past Captains of Golf Clubs which support the Society, are affiliated to the Warwickshire Union and have their own golf course which is controlled by the members.

All applications for membership are subject to the approval of the Council.

Honorary Life Members, proposed by the Council, may be elected at the Annual General Meeting for members who have given outstanding service to the WGC over a long period.


These are:

  • to promote the interests of golf amongst its members.
  • to maintain the traditions of golf in the County of Warwickshire generally.
  • to organise competitions amongst its members and matches with similar Societies.
  • to arrange an Annual General Meeting.

Entrance Fee and Subscriptions

The entrance fee shall be determined by the Council from time to time. The annual subscription for members shall be £5.00. These annual subscriptions shall be paid by bankers order on 1st October..

No member may attend a meeting unless his subscription has been received.


The Society shall be controlled by a Council; elected by the Membership.

The Council shall be made up of; President, Captain, Past Captain, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Match Secretary and three Council Members.

Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Match Secretary shall be nominated by the Council and confirmed at the following Annual General Meeting.

The President shall be nominated by the Council and confirmed at the AGM . The President may only hold the office for up to three years.

The Captain shall be nominated by the Council and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting before he takes office which he may only hold for one year.

The three Council members shall be nominated by two members , one vacancy being created each year by rotation. These three members and the Captain shall normally be drawn from clubs in rotation.

Any alteration to these rules and constitution shall be made at a General Meeting and must be passed by a vote of two thirds of the members present. Notice of such proposal must be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.


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